General Tips to use Exercise Bike for workout


First you need to warm-up: Every exercise before you do you has to warm-up your body. First you need to start riding your exercise bike slowly and gradually increase the speed up for a while until you feeling your body is warm or already, on this warm-up state you should do it until your sweat get start out. If you still have a tension on your body, try to do warm-up with slow speed. You don’t have to hurry up to ride fast if your body is not ready.

Set your target: When you do cardio, almost people need 2 things. First is to diet or weight loss, second is for increasing their healthy. For seriously result you have to set your plan for riding exercise bike and sticky with it. On start-up you should do exercise bike a least every 2-3 days at the morning or evening. Simply riding just 30 minutes a day and start increasing when you feel stronger by adding tension of the wheel or increasing your riding speed or increasing your riding’s time, may be all of them. When you feeling stronger and comfortable with your old plan. You have to set your new gold for challenging yourself like increasing day of exercise or looking for new skill challenge on YouTube or other blog.

Stay Challenging and Motivated: Almost successful people need to do this thing. You have to increasing your workout and do challenging to yourself. Start with constantly riding for a week or 2 week then increasing for 10 percent of time or speeds every week or 2 week.  Its take some time for this program and you have to stick with your goal, almost people fail to lose weight or get better health because of their lazy and inconsistent.

When you get fitter and stronger your heat rate will better increase that help your workout stay longer and better.


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2 thoughts on “General Tips to use Exercise Bike for workout

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